Aright. So family have been getting on me for like...a long time now to cut my hair, do something with my eyebrows, etc etc. ...Well, the ends of my hair were pretty bad so I went through with that and since it was cheap with threading as well. This is the result of both after a few days. My hair is getting its insane curl back and though it's a hella lot shorter than I truly like it looks okay I guess. It's also devoid for the moment of split ends which was pretty much all it was before so...uhm... yeah. Threading, for those who don't know, is an old Indian practice of using what looks like dental floss and somehow using it to pull out eyebrows. Honestly, it isn't as painful as it sounds or as I thought it'd least when they use enough moisturizer (or whatever that stuff was) before and after. One eye they used less than the other and it was more painful. Honestly I don't know it made a big difference but it definitely beats tweezering which always leaves big holes, sore skin, and makes me snort and sneeze.